Call for Artwort

*****Call for artwork******

Art exhibition to be displayed alongside the The Bangor Poetry Competition(sixth year) in conjunction with Aspects Festival.

It is that time of year again and we are looking for your very best
artwork, photography, textile pieces, graphic design etc etc…. really anything that can be hung on the wall. We have room for a few small standing pieces which can be displayed in the cabinet, but we are more likely to take work that can be displayed on the wall!

There is no theme, and we are open to any medium and style as long as it is of a high standard. You can submit up to six images of your artwork to us to be considered for this year’s exhibition. We do not have a lot of room for extremely large pieces, however, we may be able to take a couple of these- so please state if they are large pieces in the email and we will consider them.

The instructions and details are:

Email up to six images of your artwork to:

In the heading of the email you MUST state: ARTWORK FOR BPC and your name. (This is very important for administration purposes) Please include a two line biography in your email and the following details: Your name/ contact telephone number/ email address/ the titles of your pieces/ price of each piece/ size of each piece/ medium of each piece. All details MUST be included to be considered as we receive very high volumes of emails.

The deadline for submission is midnight of 15th July 2018. No work will be considered after this date. If your pieces are chosen, each piece will incur a £5 hanging fee which is payable when you deliver your work. If your piece sells, there shall be a 25% commission taken. Please take this in to consideration when pricing your piece.

This event is extremely well advertised and we get a very high volume of people over the door as it is part of Aspects Festival.

The launch of the exhibition shall be at The Blackberry Path- Art Studios, Gray’s Hill, Bangor, NI on Friday 17th August 2018 from 6pm-9pm and shall run until 17th September. Entrance is free and there shall be buffet food and a drink reception.

Many thanks in advance- Amy