Forty Words Competition 2021


The Forty Words Competition 2021 is now open for submissions.  The deadline for submissions is 30th June 2021.

For this competition there are two categories:

A mini-fiction category: Enter a piece of prose on any topic, in any style, as long as it is 40 words or less. (title and white spaces not included in word count)

A mini-poetry category: Enter a poem on any topic, any style and any amount of lines or stanzas, as long as it is 40 words or less. (title and white spaces not included in word count)

Please email your entries to with the heading ‘FORTY WORDS SUBMISSION- Name’.  In the Body of the email, please include a short note, brief biography, author image, contact details and your PayPal transaction code. Your submissions should be attached in a separate Word document, with no trace of your name, as they are read anonymously.  Each entry should be put into a separate Word document- so if you are putting forward four pieces, then four separate documents should be attached. You can enter both categories as may times as you wish- but please state at the top of each word document if the piece is POETRY or PROSE.

Your entries should not have been previously published online or in print and must be your own original work.

We do not accept simultaneous submissions- so if you are sending us the piece to consider, please don’t send it elsewhere as well.

You can enter from anywhere in the world.  Open to both established and emerging writers.

Deadline for submissions: Midnight 30th June 2021.  Shortlist shall be published here and on social media in mid- August!


First prize for each category: The winning pieces of poetry and prose shall be featured in the The Bangor Literary Journal, alongside a feature about the winning writers.  The winners shall have the opportunity to read their winning pieces at an upcoming event and be presented with their certificates and a piece of original artwork; plus other reading opportunities in 2021/22.

Second prize for each category: Your piece will feature in The Bangor Literary Journal, you will receive a certificate and you will be offered reading opportunities.

There will also be a commended and highly commended list for each category, with reading opportunities.

It is £3.50 to enter a piece of poetry or prose or enter two pieces for £6, or four pieces for £10.  This is a fundraising event to help us cover the costs of our website; our launch events and and if there’s anything left over, it will go straight into promoting the journal.

Please pay below and then copy the PayPal transaction number and paste it onto the body of the email with your submission.  Thank you for your donation and good luck!

You can enter as many times as you wish!

One piece submission



Two piece submission


Four piece submission