The Cinquain: Inspiration for the FORTY WORDS COMPETITION

So you’ve seen that we are looking for entries for the FORTY WORDS competition, but you are unsure of how to go about writing something for it.  Maybe, you have never written anything before, but would love to have a go!  Then why not try writing a CINQUAIN and enter the poetry category of the competition.

A cinquain is a five line poem, which may or may not follow a certain set of rules. Head over to where you can read all about the origins of this form of poetry; read some examples and find out how to write one yourself.

You could possibly even join two cinquains together to compose your poem.  The title of your poem is not included in the forty word limit.



It is only £2 to enter one piece and £5 to enter three pieces.  All donations go straight into The Bangor Literary Journal.  Go to to read the full set of guidelines and instructions.

Have fun and good luck writing.  Experiment and surprise yourself!



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