We are delighted to announce our shortlists for the mini flash fiction and mini poetry sections.  We have read through, just under, three hundred entries this year!  Congratulations to everyone! Emails concerning further details will be with all this weekend!


Flash Fiction Shortlist


Susan McCullough– Chosen

Stephen Smythe– Cold Call

Eileen O’Sullivan– Online Dating Profile

Linda Hutchinson– When you wish upon a star…

Diane McInnes– The Spirit of Inishfarnard

Julian West– Forty, thirty -nine

Anne O’Leary– Travels with Fairy Lights

Patricia Storey– The Crossing

Marilyn Timms– Atonement

Julie Sheridan– The Seating Plan


Poetry Shortlist


Anne Casey– sideshow

Sam Windrim– Summer

Ellora Sutton– Selfless Love Poem

Anne Tannam– on her fifth anniversary

Patricia Bennett– The Agony in the Garden

Clare Marsh– Holy Teeth

Gifford Savage– Left Hanging

Meg McCleery– Damask

John Caulfield– Observance

Lorcan Byrne– Provence, Summer 2007

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