We are delighted to reveal the longlist and two shortlists for this year’s 40 WORDS Competition.  All shortlisted pieces are now in the running for the winning spots in both the poetry and fiction categories.

The online reveal of the winners will happen on Friday 18th September at 8pm. Issue 12 of The Bangor Literary Journal will also be available for free download, where you can read the shortlisted and winning pieces.

Congratulations to everyone who made the list.  The standard was exceptional!


Poetry Shortlist (in no particular order)


1          Gifford Savage            Memento Mori

2          Elizabeth Gibson         Stars

3          Delilah Doe                 Rainwater

4          Gavan Duffy                Guardians

5          James Milliken                      Colloquy

6          Michael Farry                       Cinquain

7          Maurice Devitt                     Saturday Night

8          Bríd McGinley                      Walking on the Edge

9          Geraldine O’Kane                Bandage

10         Glenn Hubbard                    Thirlage


Fiction Shortlist (in no particular order)

1     Delilah Doe                                  Dreamcatcher

2     Chandrika Narayanan Mohan        Too Soon

3     Jack Macartney                       Allotment

4    Stephen Smythe                  Sharing the Load

5    Joyce Janes                         The Passage of Time

6    Christina Eagles               Marriage is a Promise Made to God

7     Sue Divin                          On meeting Mrs Chelsea Cunningham MBE

8    Conor Montague              The First Question I Asked When My Father Died

9    Kieran McGurk                    History Boots

10  Lesley Walsh                       Georgie


General Longlist

Chandrika Narayanan Mohan                  Plasticine

Marian Brannigan                                     Midnight swim

Heather Richardson                                    Early waking

Trish Bennett                                            Don’t Queue with Me to Pay Respects at a Wake

K. S. Moore                                                   Kilclooney Wood

Angela Graham                                           Craft

Philip Burton                                              Passing on

Nicholas Farmilo                                        Prayer

Damien Carroll                                        just another gig

Delilah Doe                                              Pandora

Stephen Smythe                                      Indecision


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