We are delighted to announce the winners and placed writers from this year’s FORTY Words Competition. Congratulations to everyone involved, especially Stephen Smythe who wins the Fiction Section; and to David Atkinson who wins the Poetry Section.

All shortlisted and winning pieces will available to read in issue 18 which is live later this week.


Stephen Smythe                     Klepto                                     WINNER

Réaltán Ní Leannáin               Generations                           RUNNER UP

Jacob Surface                          Grandpa                                 HIGHLY COMMENDED

Yvonne Boyle                          Skyfall                                     COMMENDED

Réaltán Ní Leannáin               Tattoos                                   SHORTLISTED

Jacob Surface                          Grandpa                                 SHORTLISTED

Stan McWilliams                     House Band                            SHORTLISTED

Lisa Marie Lopez                     Keepsake                                SHORTLISTED

Stephen Smythe                     First Date                                SHORTLISTED


David Atkinson                       Pressed                                   WINNER

Seamus Mc Dermott              Silk Eyelid                                RUNNER UP

Linda McKenna                       Found Poem                           HIGHLY COMMENDED

P. W .Bridgman                       Union Jack                               COMMENDED

Hildred Crill                            Last Call                                  SHORTLISTED 

David Atkinson                       ‘’What Is to Be Done?’’           SHORTLISTED

Robin Holmes                         Recital                                     SHORTLISTED 

Verity Peet                              Always go to dinner first        SHORTLISTED

Launch in Fealty’s Bar, Bangor: Photo features (left to right) Robin Holmes, David Atkinson, Linda McKenna.

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