The Seventh Annual Bangor Poetry Competition Shortlist Announced!




We are delighted to announce The Seventh Annual Bangor Poetry Competition Shortlist!

These 15 shortlisted poems will be on display at The Blackberry Path Art Studios in Bangor Co Down from Thurdsay 25th September (Launch event 7-9pm) until Sunday 29th September 2019 as part of Aspects Irish Literary Festival.  The following 15 shortlisted poets are now in the running to win The Seventh Annual Bangor Poetry Competition. The 15 displayed shortlisted poems will be voted on by the public during the exhibition.  Winner, runner up and placed poets will be revealed at The Bangor Literary Journal Launch at Fealty’s Back Bar Wed 2nd Oct 7-9pm.  Links to the events below!

Shortlisted Poems

(in no particular order) 


1             Roisin Browne                                 Scraps

2             Michael Farry                                  Flying to Leeds Bradford in a Storm

3             Laura Cameron                               Still

4             Jason Purdy                                      The Heat

5             Lynda Tavakoli                                The Big Tree

6             Mary Shannon                                 Depending on the Elements

7             Geraldine Fleming                          Pink Blanket

8             Meg McCleery                                 The Most Unnatural of Natural

9             Robin Holmes                                  Stowaway

10           Grainne Tobin                                 County Down Heatwave

11           Hazel Dougan                                  Spring

12           Maurice Devitt                                 Free Class

13           Icarus Prince (Azeem Lateef)       Fame

14           Cathy Conlon                                   Looking Out

15           Gaynor Kane                                    Fire-lighting


In addition, the following poems have been longlisted.




16           Wiltrud Dull                                      Feeling Good

17           Mairi McCurdy                                 Achill

18           Nicole Melanson                             Weatherproofing

19           Margaret Royall                              The Wind as Healer

20           James Milliken                                 The Butt

21           Martin Cromie                                 In The Air

22           Shelley Tracey                                  Elements of War

23           Iain Campbell                                   Sunset over Gigha

24           Trish Bennett                                   The Slip

25           Anna Murphy                                   The art of hibernation


Congratulations to everyone longlisted and shortlisted! We cannot wait to see who wins this year.


Find out more here:

Poetry and Art

The Bangor Literary Journal Launch







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