Best of the Net 2019 Nominations

We are delighted to announce our 2019 Best of the Net Nominations.
This anthology promotes the diverse and ever-growing collection of voices who are publishing their work online and serves to bring greater respect to an innovative and continually expanding medium.

IMG_0335 (1)

Writer: Anne Marie Kennedy
Genre: Flash Fiction
Title: ‘Dolled Up’
Link: Page 74
Writer: Gale Acuff
Genre: Poetry
Titles: ‘Crush’ and ‘Season’s Greetings’
Link: Pages 6 and 7
Writer: Kerry Buchanan
Genre: Flash Fiction
Title: ‘Dementia Tremens’
Link: Page 9
Writer: Attracta Fahy
Genre: Poetry
Title: ‘How Did I love You’
Link: Page 44


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