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We are delighted to announce the 2021 FORTY Words shortlists and longlist.  All shortlisted writers will be invited to read their selected piece at this year’s online awards ceremony, which will premiere at 7pm on Sunday 29th August on our YouTube channel. We cannot wait to reveal this year’s winners.  All shortlisted pieces will be available to read in issue 15 of The Bangor Literary Journal.

A huge congratulations to those writers who made it this far; and a heartfelt thanks to everyone who entered this year’s competition! The standard was as high as ever!


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Prose Shortlist

In no particular order

1          Robert Barrett                       Cradle

2          Robert Barrett                       Saturday Man.

3          David Lewis                         The papier-mâché cherub

4          Marilyn Timms                    Deliverance

5          Bríd McGinley                      Walking in the Light

6          Stephen Smythe                   Full House

7          Sheila McHugh                    The Winkler

8          Linda Hutchinson               1962, Aged 8

Poetry Shortlist

In no particular order

1          Phil Lynch                             Whistler

2          Diane Jackman                     Useful Tools

3          Maurice Devitt                     The Retired Magician

4          Seamus McDermott            Neighbours

5          Charlotte Murray                 Hatching

6          Gaynor Kane                        Four Memories

7          Iain Campbell                       Greenwich

8          Robin Holmes                      Fred Dibnah

Longlisted Writers

In no particular order

Lynda Hewitt                                   Anxiety

Lynda Hewitt                                   The Meaning of life

David Braziel                                    Dropstones

Marilyn Timms                                Lost

Bríd McGinley                                  The Leaning Cross of Cooley

Seamus McDermott                        We Embraced

Linda McKenna                               Miss Scott Considers

Iain Campbell                                   Argostoli, August 1949

Peter Adair                                       Gone

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