Ekphrastic Challenge: Aspects Issue 16

Submission window for the Aspects Literary Festival Journal: Issue 16

For Issue 16, we are looking for ekphrastic responses to the given image. We are not open for ordinary written submissions.

Ekphrastic challenge:

Responding to this photograph by Paul Daniel Rafferty, create a piece of poetry or prose. Poetry should not be any longer than 20 lines and prose should not be any longer than 200 words, not including titles.  We would love to see some experimental pieces: hybrid/ genre fluid/ shape poems/ script/ memoir.  We will leave it up to you!

Please submit only one piece.  Extended deadline for submissions: midnight 10th September 2021.

Send your piece in a Word document (with no trace of your name) to   thebangorliteraryjournal@hotmail.com  Include your name and ‘Aspects Ekphrastic challenge; in the heading.

Please include attach an author image and a short third person biography in the email.

If you are selected, you will have the opportunity to read your work at The Bangor Literary Launch Event which is part of Aspects Festival on Sunday 26th September at 3pm in The Chamber at Bangor Castle, NI.

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