Voting now closed: 10th Annual Bangor Poetry Competition

We are delighted to announce the ten poems on the theme of STRENGTH which have made it onto this year’s Bangor Poetry Competition shortlist. Each poem is displayed below in our online gallery and the winner will be selected by public vote. Each shortlisted poet will be invited to read at the awards ceremony at Bangor Castle on Sunday 2nd October at 3pm which is part of Aspects Literary Festival, where the winner will be announced. Please come along and join us at the free event: TICKETS AVAILABLE HERE.

*Voting now CLOSED* Voting for the ten shortlisted poems opens at 5pm on Sunday 25th September 2022 and closes at 5pm on Friday 30th September 2022 on The Bangor Literary Journal Website.


-Read the 10 shortlisted poems.

-Select your first, second and third favourite poems.

-Complete the online voting form at the bottom of the page.

Votes are strictly one vote per person and a full name, email and postcode is required for your vote to be valid. Your slip will only be counted if you make three different selections- the winner is decided on a points system. First vote= 3 points/ Second vote= 2 points/ Third vote= 1 point.

  1. Richard Lister              Wrapped
  2. Shelley Tracey             Things with claws
  3. Lynda Hewitt              Parental physics at an inflatable water park
  4. Glen Wilson                Independence Square, Kyiv
  5. Meg McCleery             How did it ever come to this?
  6. Maurice Devitt            Clearing the House
  7. Ann-Marie Foster        Slammed
  8. Ross Thompson          Field Of Fire
  9. Kate Ennals                 An Old Woman on the Deserted Prom at Hardelot Plage
  10. Pamela McNutt           Thran


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